Drawing Drury Lane

What an assemblage of performers has gone through either this or previous incarnations of this entry way (known as the Theatre Royal Drury Lane stage door) right here dating back to the 1600s. David Garrick, Ginger Rogers, Nijinsky, Grimaldi and the legendry successful actor Edmund Keen who in 1814 walked from Plymouth (where I’m from) to perform on his opening night!

Theatre Royal Drury Lane

Theatre Royal Drury Lane

Do you still remember the performance of someone here? They came in and out of this door on Russell Street. While this may not be a drawing of the actual production you saw, just seeing this flowery side door is just a way to remind you of that special night out, and who you saw. Or maybe it’s something to spur you on to go to the theatre again. But don’t leave it too late, this 9.5” x 13” size which fits in store bought frames for 8” x 10” pictures is an edition of only 24.

Theatre Royal Drury Lane Stage Door

Theatre Royal Drury Lane Stage Door

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