ACEOs 2016 Picks

My Buyers have always loved them. Affordable, perfect to display in a really, really small space, and at this time of year, can be gifted as a Halloween treat or slipped inside for plussing a Christmas card. My ACEOs are the same museum / gallery quality as full size versions. And they’re back and at new low prices too, with great combined postage and multiple purchase deals in my eBay store (where my ACEOs and art selling career all began in 2004).

So, between my recommendations and your favorites, here are 2016’s top five picks for ACEOs over five categories.

This benevolent threesome, (drawings of Flora, Fauna and Merryweather) are getting carried away with that fairy dust in one fresh full color ACEO card, that is also popular as part of a set, accompanying Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip and Maleficent.

Weddings ‘n’ Romance - Blue to Pink - Flora, Fauna and Merryweather

“Weddings ‘n’ Romance – Blue to Pink – Flora, Fauna and Merryweather”

2016, perhaps more than any year since Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. left us, has his powerful example been more in need. This ACEO card has phrases used in a 1967 speech drawn into MLK’s portrait.

Martin Luther King Jr. - Stick with Love

“Martin Luther King Jr. – Stick with Love”

In this U.S. election year, lifting up governing authorities in our prayers may seem even more critical; and so 1 Timothy 2:1-2 written in oil pastel within this White House drawing could make for a fitting visual reminder.

Pray for America

”Pray for America”

Now with three to choose from, a drawing of the unassuming theatre stage door of a London West End show you or a friend has seen, is going to make for a very unusual gift or keepsake. And if you’ve been to “The Lion King,” then you’ll know what magic the artists create who go through that of The Lyceum’s.

Stage Door London - Lyceum Theatre

“Stage Door London – Lyceum Theatre”

One dog owner wrote and told me how she and her bulldog Bailey both loved what she called in my eBay store feedback a “stunning picture”. Of course there are plenty more dog breeds I’ve drawn that are available as ACEOs, so this could be the time to ‘find that breed’ and pick up an inexpensive, little gift for a dog owner you know.

I Love My Bulldog

“I Love My Bulldog”

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