Oh, it’s a jolly Disney Christmas in England, pt 3

Check out this firework-ready and princess-charged video, in which we start at the Harrods Disney Christmas Parade, and as the wind changes, head up with my drawings, to see the new Walt Disney Classics Collection Scrooge McDuck sculpture at Castle China and back again to London, for the Harrods Christmas lights switch on.


In on the next wave – Little Mermaid Characters

Last night, “The Little Mermaid Characters 1” débuted, as a well-deserved addition to my “Story Lines” art series. Have you been following the progress of the Ariel’s Undersea Adventure dark ride, set to open in parks? That is going to have animated figures of Eric and Ariel about to kiss, just like the 2001 Gold Circle Walt Disney Classics Collection sculpture, which of course I drew in this composite of still-lifes!

The Little Mermaid Characters

The Little Mermaid Characters