Is modern art really art?

Why draw or paint a picture when we have photographs? Because some artists can pull out something more from a subject they’re drawing, energy perhaps; that a photograph doesn’t always convey.

That’s one reason I add more color than the natural eye sees, in my drawings. In this video, I talk with another artist and look at her paintings, and describe the new role I believe, artists have, in the century we are living in.


VIDEO: Sparkling art lights up an overcast suburb

My “It Sparkles” art exhibit was just the ticket for us in North London back in the summer!

Here’s my video report of how, I felt, the art prints of my pink dog drawings and landscapes permeated with heightened color really did let the ‘light’ in. Just imagine how well this art does its job throughout the winter!

Douglas Rickard talks for London’s Arts Centre Group

Here I am with two of those who came along to the gallery, to hear me talk for London’s Arts Centre Group (for Christians in creative industries) about my work and faith. (Three hours and two pots of tea later.)

Douglas Rickard talks for London's Arts Centre Group

Douglas Rickard talks for London's Arts Centre Group