Time to Say Goodbye to the Walt Disney Classics Collection

Douglas Rickard with Chernabog Walt Disney Classics Collection and his Fantasia drawing

Holding Walt Disney Classics Collection sculpture Chernabog: “Night on Bald Mountain,” Douglas Rickard next to his “Fantasia Characters” art, at the Castle China event in 2014

I’ve displayed my still-lifes of the Walt Disney Classics Collection sculptures up at Castle China before, but nothing prepared me for the true treasures opened up at this month’s event in Dudley, poignantly, perhaps the last ever like this. (That’s my hand touching the “Bambi” Field Mouse, below!)

Walt Disney Classics Collection

First ever Walt Disney Classics Collection piece. From “Bambi” Field Mouse: “Little April Shower.”

Cinderella Dress

“Cinderella:” “A Lovely Dress for Cinderelly” NLE 5,000, 9” Walt Disney Classics Collection.












In this fleeting video report of the day, catch farewell close ups of over 20 Walt Disney Classics Collection characters!

Never have three dimensions captured Disney characters so accurately, as the Walt Disney Classics Collection. Even vintage maquettes animators used as guides, in the making of Walt Disney’s movies like “Fantasia” and “Pinocchio,” don’t seem to have literally stepped out of the film, in both form and color in the same way this fine art sculpture line does.

Mr Toad

Mr. Toad: “Blue Boy” 6 1/2” and “Pinkie” 7” Walt Disney Classics Collection Disneyland Exclusive 2000

In 1993 at the start, original animators like Marc Davis were around too, with advice for translating their creations into porcelain. Collectors enjoyed how Tinker Bell’s sculpture precisely mirrored her on-screen pose in “Peter Pan.” And it wasn’t just fairies that received this careful treatment, even behemoths like Monstro were caught by the WDCC artists and sculptors. And we could own these ourselves!

Tinker Bell: “A Firefly! A Pixie! Amazing!” NLE 12,500, 5” Walt Disney Classics Collection, sculpted by Kent Melton

Tinker Bell: “A Firefly! A Pixie! Amazing!” NLE 12,500, 5” Walt Disney Classics Collection, sculpted by Kent Melton


“Pinocchio:” “Monstro’s Revenge” NLE 750, 8 1/2” 2001 Walt Disney Classics Collection, sculpted by Dusty Horner

Douglas Rickard and his Donald Duck drawing of the WDCC sculpture

Douglas Rickard and his Donald Duck drawing of the WDCC sculpture

Taking my framed art up from London a day early gave me the opportunity to un-box and experience close-up a couple of rare Disney “Fantasia” collectibles as you’ll see in this video:

I don’t think the initial Pixar characters were favorable to the line. Woody and Buzz look three dimensional already, and in 1998, better in life as… toys. Today though, the computer animated Disney character has the illustrative softness of those in a film Walt Disney himself had touched (films originally only ever chosen by the WDCC.) Elsa and Anna even look like fine porcelain.

New licensee Precious Moments in 2013 were about to put the WDCC name to Disney gift-ware. It was quite possibly the ire of collectors, that ensured the encasing of the Walt Disney Classics Collection line safely into a “vault” instead. After all, collectors had been educated on the finer points of porcelain figurines over the years by… the WDCC.

Snow White herself awoke from such a state and so one day I wish, will the Walt Disney Classics Collection. Could Olaf’s size and stature be more fitting for a starter sculpture? My first purchase was tiny Thumper. Once I had him home, larger “Bambi” pieces from that scene (with price tags I’d never once dreamed I’d pay) eventually followed. However, you and I can still open teal green boxes from the secondary market and in the meantime, here are a few, fun un-boxing videos:


Ride into my Beastly Kingdom

A never-built theme park land with a “Fantasia” boat ride in Florida… it would have featured centaurettes and cupids and flying horses and I wish it had materialized.

However, I’ve always said that positioning Walt Disney Classics Collection sculptures throughout your house can transport you to one of the park attractions. And the style of my “Story Lines” series of WDCC still-lifes in particular lends itself to this, so “Fantasia Characters,” my newest addition, compliments previous releases like the “Alice in Wonderland Characters,” a drawing composite reminiscent of the existing Wonderland dark ride in California.

Eight sculpture drawings even including one of the dancing mushrooms are planted around my still-life of the WDCC “Enchanted Places” Gazebo and surrounded by a twisting river in charcoal and oil pastel. I hope this art will help you imagine sitting back and enjoying that mythical boat ride that nearly was.

"Beastly Kingdom"

“Beastly Kingdom”

Fantasia Characters

Fantasia Characters

Sorcerer Mickey skips in

I’ve made Sorcerer Mickey part of my upcoming “Fantasia” drawing. The 5 1/8” piece, “Mischievous Apprentice,” was one of the first Walt Disney Classics Collection releases back in 1993, sculpted by Bruce Lau.

And since this will be part of the “Story Lines” series, other still-lifes of WDCC “Fantasia” characters like the Mushroom Dancer are in on this harmonious dance too!

Sorcerer Mickey

Sorcerer Mickey



One Centaurette too many…

My upcoming “Fantasia Characters” release is a composite of still-life drawings of Walt Disney Classics Collection sculptures. But in this pastoral scene set around the line’s  7” “Enchanted Places” Gazebo, there’s only room for one of the Centaurettes…

For the meantime I’ve begun drawing both 1993 Centaurette pieces sculpted by Kent Melton; the 7 ½” blue “Beauty in Bloom,” and the pink “Romantic Reflections”.



Fantasia festivities

Six characters are currently being worked into my upcoming “Fantasia” art, including these drawings of one of the Cupids and Jacchus from the Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony sequence in the 1940 film. They’re still-lifes of part of two Walt Disney Classics Collection pieces both sculpted by of Kent Melton;  Cupids on Pillar: “Love’s Little Helpers” and “Braying Bacchanalia.” It’s going to be some fantastical  gathering!

Fantasia Characters Drawing in Progress

Fantasia Characters Drawing in Progress

And plié…

My drawing of the 1999 Bruce Lau, 8 1/2” Walt Disney Classics Collection, Mademoiselle Upanova sculpture, “Prima Ballerina” from “The Dance of The Hours” sequence; it’s part of a drawing composite called “Fantasia Characters 1” which is débuting October 2013!

Fantasia Mademoiselle Upanova

Fantasia Mademoiselle Upanova

A Walt Disney Classics Collection Christmas starts November 17th in Warwick!

Come and meet me and see my new artwork at a banquet of WDCC sculptures, Disney figurines and art, at a Castle China Christmas Event, at the Lord Leycester Hotel, 19 Jury St, Warwick CV34 4EJ England on November 17th 2012.

Joining us there, will be the new Walt Disney Classics Collection releases including Snow White and Prince NLE 750, “Fairytale Ending;” Summer Fairies from “Fantasia;” and Ebenezer Scrooge and Tiny Tim, “Tidings of Joy and Goodwill.” Dave and Carole of Castle China are going to have hot mince pies ready for us and I just think the whole day will feel like ‘opening presents under the tree…’ Here’s a video reminder of the Fall Event last year.