A blast of witch, a scream of hag, it’s the “Snow White” Peddler Woman!

“Have I done enough, is this art too elementary?” were my thoughts before revealing “Where Pictures Shine -The Hag”. But uncomplicated, severe charcoal lines are part of what makes the very style of this series of my Walt Disney Classics Collection still-lifes.

And after multiple renderings, I feel that actually, my final, spartan drawing of this disguised Peddler Woman, stripped back of any niceties is a perfect representation of the character. A flash of this unmistakable face is just enough to make your senses tingle; whether trundling round a corner through “Snow White’s Scary Adventures,” or at your kitchen window…

I even used less shading on her hood than I used for her hunch, to leave an unnerving feeling in this stylish art, of this witch coming out of darkness towards you.

A blast of witch, a scream of hag, it's the 'Snow White' Peddler Woman!

A blast of witch, a scream of hag, it’s the ‘Snow White’ Peddler Woman!


Video Report – Grumpy 2011 Walt Disney Classics Collection Event

A look at the sculptures and art including my own, at the Castle China hosted “Get Grumpy” Event in October. www.castlechina.com Follow me on Facebook… http://on.fb.me/qNb3dY