Hawaii Sun at Kailua Kona

In this Kailua beach art I drew an oil pastel orchid as the setting Oahu Hawaiian sun against dusky charcoal palm trees.

Kailua Kona

Kailua Kona


Hawaiian elements to make a walk on the beach

Not so much rock, water and sky but I used charcoal to black out the island and white space to evoke reflected light on the water in this Hawaii art. And as for the Maui sunset, well…

Extended through July! “It Sparkles” Summer ’12 Douglas Rickard Art Exhibition

The British rain hasn’t actually stopped, but neither has my summer art exhibition! I’m so excited to have been offered an extension to my exhibit through July 31st at Chorak 122-122A High Rd, East Finchley, N2 9ED.

Here I am pictured with friends there last week, proving you can still have fun even when it’s raining, especially when I’d put my all into the colorful artwork offerings served up inside. If you’re in London for the Olympics, I hope you’ll be able to stop by too!

Douglas Rickard outside his 'It Sparkles' art exhibition in Chorak, East Finchley with friends

Douglas Rickard outside his ‘It Sparkles’ art exhibition in Chorak, East Finchley with friends