Ride into my Beastly Kingdom

A never-built theme park land with a “Fantasia” boat ride in Florida… it would have featured centaurettes and cupids and flying horses and I wish it had materialized.

However, I’ve always said that positioning Walt Disney Classics Collection sculptures throughout your house can transport you to one of the park attractions. And the style of my “Story Lines” series of WDCC still-lifes in particular lends itself to this, so “Fantasia Characters,” my newest addition, compliments previous releases like the “Alice in Wonderland Characters,” a drawing composite reminiscent of the existing Wonderland dark ride in California.

Eight sculpture drawings even including one of the dancing mushrooms are planted around my still-life of the WDCC “Enchanted Places” Gazebo and surrounded by a twisting river in charcoal and oil pastel. I hope this art will help you imagine sitting back and enjoying that mythical boat ride that nearly was.

"Beastly Kingdom"

“Beastly Kingdom”

Fantasia Characters

Fantasia Characters


Sorcerer Mickey skips in

I’ve made Sorcerer Mickey part of my upcoming “Fantasia” drawing. The 5 1/8” piece, “Mischievous Apprentice,” was one of the first Walt Disney Classics Collection releases back in 1993, sculpted by Bruce Lau.

And since this will be part of the “Story Lines” series, other still-lifes of WDCC “Fantasia” characters like the Mushroom Dancer are in on this harmonious dance too!

Sorcerer Mickey

Sorcerer Mickey